EtEcO (Ethnography, Ecology, Recreation, Education) is a NGO from Tiraspol. It was founded in 2014. We promote environmental education for the population to protect the environment. We provide drivers for the ecological market in Transnistria, which is still an unconventional segment for the region. We do this by supporting small eco-businesses in the region, promoting corporate social responsibility and introducing energy and resource-saving waste-free technologies that are innovative for our region. Our aim is to conserve local resources, promote a thoughtful attitude towards economic and energy-saving technologies, and bring these ideas into the consciousness of citizens.  We are committed to the protection of human rights and gender equality, the reduction of discrimination among/of population groups.

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Internships, Trainee, Volunteer work / honorary work in document management, photography and videotaping, eco-campaigns


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НП “ЭтЭкО”

ул. 28 июня, 10-а
Tiraspol, MD-3300 Republic of  Moldova

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Wood Recycling

Environmentally friendly zero-waste technology for recycling of wood waste (prunings from horticulture and viticulture) by full recycling for the needs of agriculture, construction industry and households and the conservation of natural energy resources. Creation of specialised socially oriented production. Duration: 2018-2020.

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East Europe Foundation

Bokashi recycling

Household waste recycling with the bokashi methiod: organising a cycle of training activities with the population of Tiraspolin 2017.

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Climate change, Nature protection, Waste recycling, Sustainable agriculture, Sustainable management / green growth, Renewable energy, Education for children and young people, Adult education, Democracy, Participation, Women Empowerment, Tourism, Journalism, eco-tourism, eco-journalism, innovative
technologies in the field of ecology

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Republic of Moldova

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ИЦ “Днестр-Инфолекс”

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East Europe Foundation

UNDP Sweden


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