Medics for Ecology

The NGO “Medics for Ecology” is registered in the city of Dubossary, Transnistria. For 20 years, he has been educating people about environmental issues that affect human health. Our programs: Center for Environmental Journalism – “Green Woodpecker” competition; video and photos about the Dniester and the reserve “Yagorlyk” – “Green light”; Local history – doctor Nikolay Sklifosovsky; Agro and ecotourism, beekeeping. In the team: doctors and journalists, educators and farmers

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ОО «Медики за экологию»
г. Дубоссары, ул. Ломоносова 31 “В”-2
Дубоссары, 4500

Phone +373 (0)21 533 496, +373 (0)69 635 195


Women for a Cleaner Village

Women for a Cleaner Village Project – construction of a ramp for centralised municipal solid waste collection, a survey and awareness-raising activities

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Funding Agencies
East European Foundation (EEF), The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)

Edu-Art 2021

The “activePeace” program, launched in 2016, aims to develop the capacities of young people in areas such as critical thinking, peace education, diversity, conflict resolution/transformation, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and civic activism.

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Funding Agencies
UNDP Cultural Platform

Eco-Platform Info-bridge

Eco-Platform Info-bridge – coverage of UNDP Environmental Platform activities, including press tours and publications in the media and on social networks

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Funding Agencies
UNDP Moldova, with the financial assistance of the European Union in the framework of the UNDP  Environmental Platform



Biodiversity, Nature protection, Water protection, Tourism, Journalism

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Republic of Moldova

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Centrul Media din Transnistria

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East Europe Foundation (EEF)