Moldovan Environmental Governance
Academy – MEGA

The Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy (MEGA) is a social entrepreneurial organization working as a collaborative platform for experimenting with innovative projects and solutions to the most pressing environmental and social issues in the
world. In its social business activity, MEGA specializes on the approach and technology of gamification in nature conservation and sustainable development. Specifically, it delivers services of project gamification, serious game development, and gamified education with environmental and social value.
MEGA Mission: Connecting people for a sustainable future.

Founded in



Moldovan Environmental Governance  Academy – MEGA
Bulevardul Moscova 11
Chișinău, MD-2068 Republic of  Moldova

Phone +373 (0)69 675 157


GreenTech Rangers

GreenTech Rangers is a pre-acceleration program for startups focused on sustainable development. The program combines various startuporiented initiatives, namely workshops, eco-hackathons, bootcamps, coaching sessions, and pitching competitions, into a comprehensive learning journey for prospective environmental and social entrepreneurs.

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Project Partner
Generator Hub, EcoVisio

Funding Agencies
GEF Small Grants Programme



MEGA Game: The Game with Impact was an online project management platform with elements of gamification and e-learning. It was designed for connecting environmental organizations with volunteers and for assisting both sides in implementing nature conservation projects in a fun, engaging, and motivating way.

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MEGA Impact Championship

MEGA Impact Championship was a gamified competition among youth organizations to resolve real environmental and social issues in particular locations. Innovation of the Championship was the use of gamification for stimulating organizations to create as much positive environmental and social impact as possible in a limited time.

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Project Partner
Spark Research Labs

Funding Agencies
GEF Small Grants Programme




Climate change, Biodiversity, Nature protection, Soil protection, Water protection, Waste recycling, Sustainable agriculture, Sustainable management / green growth, Mobility and sustainable transport, Education for children and young people, Adult education, Environmental Economics, Ecosystem Services, Ecosystem-based adaption, Enviroenmental and Social Entreprenuership, Eco-innovation, Games and gamification

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Project Regions

Netherlands, Republic of Moldova, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan

Project Partners

Generator Hub

Spark Research Labs


Project Donors

GEF Small Grants Programme

Rufford Foundation

Robert Bosch Foundation

Moldovan NGO ID

101 36 2001 0125