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Moldrec Group is revolutionizing the field of Recycling
Today, the organisation is one of the most important local organisations specialising in the collection and recycling of non-metallic waste and scrap and is recognised for its policy of quality assurance of its services.

Purpose and Values
With over 8 years of experience, MoldRec Group ensures waste management and contributes to solving the global waste challenge. By offering responsible and sustainable solutions, we contribute to a cleaner environment. We work with stakeholders in communities around the world to primarily promote a bright waste-free future at the landfill. We offer pre-processing and co-processing solutions that prevent the appearance of residues and reduce land

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Moldrec IP
Republica Moldova, mun. Chisinau, str. Ion Creangă, nr. 45, Chișinău, MD-2045 Republik of Moldova

Republica Moldova, mun. Chisinau, str. Industriala 63/1, Chișinău, MD-2045 Republic of  Moldova

Phone +373 (0)60 12 1112


Clean city through recycled e-waste

The “Clean city through recycled e-waste” project was launched at the end of the year 2018 by A.O. “Asociația pentru Valorificarea Deșeurilor” with GEF SGP Moldova Small Grants Programme support, implemented by UNDP and in partnership with Moldrec.
The project aims to create the minimum infrastructure necessary for adequate e-Waste collection in the mun. Chisinau and the takeover of this model for subsequent implementation at national level, including training and education.

Project Website

Project Partner
A.O. “Asociația pentru Valorificarea Deșeurilor”

Funding Agencies
GEF SGP Moldova



Climate change, Biodiversity, Nature protection, Soil protection, Water protection, Waste recycling, Sustainable agriculture, Environmental Law, Education for children and young people, Adult education

Project Regions

Belgium, Bulgaria, France, England, Germany, Poland, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Canada

Project Partners


A.O. “Asociația pentru Valorificarea Deșeurilor”

Project Donors

GIZ Moldova

GEF SGP Moldova

Annual Turnover in EUR

284.100 EUR

Moldovan NGO ID

101 36 2000 0799