Association for Waste Recovery

Association for Waste Recovery (AVD) is a platform for consulting and training in waste management and environmental protection. The most important objective of AVD is to change the trajectory of the destructive path whereby everything that is consumed becomes waste, carelessly thrown away, to a circular path where every waste is actually a resource, and being managed correctly will only generate long-term benefits for the environment, economy and society. In 2020 AVD achieved accreditation by the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Research of the first continuous training programme: “Waste Management Specialist”.

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Asociația Obștească «Asociația pentru Valorificarea Deșeuriloro»
str. Capriana 50, ASEM Business Centru
Chișinău, MD-2005 Republic of  Moldova

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Quarterly publication of the magazine “Waste Management”

Quarterly edition of the magazine “Waste Management” (ISSN 2345-105-X), 2014-2021, the only national magazine of its kind that offers guidance for economic agents and LPAs to ensure legal compliance on waste management, access to the most up-to-date studies in the field, statistical interpretation of waste data, interviews with operators, recyclers, local authority representatives, expert insight and best practice.

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Funding Agencies
National Ecological Fund

Revista Managementul Deșeurilor

Clean city with recycled e-waste

Implementation of the “Clean city with recycled e-waste” project launched by AVD at the end of 2018 with the support of the GEF Small Grants Programme SGP Moldova, implemented by UNDP. Creation of collection infrastructure separate collection of WEEE and active involvement of the population in this process.

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Funding Agencies
GEF Small Grants Programme SGP Moldova

Proiect "Oraș curat cu e-Deșeu reciclat"

Waste Statistics – key enabler for Circular economy

Implementation of the project “Waste Statistics – key enabler for Circular economy” designed to address one of the main challenges with facing the waste management system in the Republic of Moldova – low level of education for sustainable development and access to relevant waste data.

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Funding Agencies
Austrian Development Agency (ADA)

Statistica deșeurilor, facilitator cheie a EC



Waste recycling, Environmental Law, Education for children and young people, Adult education, Environmental journalism

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Republic of Moldova, Romania

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GEF SGP Moldova Small Grants Programme

National Ecological Fund

Austrian Development Agency (ADA)

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GEF SGP Moldova Small Grants Programme

National Ecological Fund

Austrian Development Agency (ADA)

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