Ecological Movement of Moldova

The Ecological Movement of Moldova (Mişcarea Ecologistă din Moldova – MEM) is a non-governmental, non-profit, apolitical organization created on the principle of free association of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. Its main goal is the restoration of the harmony of the NATURE-HUMAN-SOCIETY triad. Our mission is to contribute to the formation of an ecological vision and consciousness of the citizens, the help the society to become more green and to boost the change for the better of collective mentalities towards the environment through ecological training and education. Our major concern is to protect the environment, to restore the natural balance, to conserve the natural and cultural heritage and to create of a a pro-ecological attitude in our society.

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Mișcarea Ecologistă din Moldova
str. Serghei Lazo 13
Chișinău, MD-2004 Republic of  Moldova



Empowering youth for nature interpretation:

This project is it is the third in a series of projects dedicated towards creating a participation and involvement model for the youth from the settlements of the Orhei National Park in nature interpretation and conservation activities.

Project Website

Project Partner
Administration of the Orheiul Vechi cultural-natural Reserve

Funding Agencies
US Forests Service International Programms

Development of the management plan for the Botna River sub-basin”

This project aimed at developing a Management Plan for the Botna river basin, that includes measures to restore and protect it in the short, medium and long term.

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Project Partner
Botna River sub-basin committee, Administrations of Ialoveni and Causeni districts

Funding Agencies
Swiss Cooperation Office in Moldova, Austrian Development Agency (ADA)

Integrated management of water resources in the Republic of Moldova – for a sustainable development and a healthy population

The aim of this project is to increase awareness and understanding of the population and decision makers at national and regional level on the worrying state of water resources and the risks to which we are exposed; as well as proposing a set of solutions in order to restore the ecological status of aquatic resources and to ensure the health of the population.

Project Website

Funding Agencies
Swiss Cooperation Office in Moldova, Austrian Development Agency (ADA)



Climate change, Nature protection, Water protection, Environmental Law, Education for children and young people, Adult education, Tourism

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Republic of Moldova

Project Partners

NATURA magazine

Project Donors

US Forests Service International Programs

Austrian Development Agency (ADA)

Swiss Cooperation Office in Moldova

Annual Turnover in EUR

55.000 EUR

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101 16 2000 3372